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Portland and the Columbia River Gorge

sunny 20 °C

I have 3 conference calls on Friday morning so I get up around 7:30 am. My first call starts at 8:30. I'm careful not to wake "Sleeping Beauty". The only quiet place I can find, besides our room, is the rental car. So I take my first call in the car while its parked in the hotel's garage! After call number two at 9:30 am, Sleeping Beauty is up and ready to hit town. We decide to get some breakfast. We ask the hotel concierge for a recommendation and he points us towards a plave called the Bijou Cafe. Megan loved it. It was mostly organic, a lot of local flavor, good coffee, and great omelets.

Then we walked down to the park along the Columbia River before heading back to the hotel for my third conference call at 12:30. The temperature was about 68 and sunny! Megan is convinced this is a conspiracy, since the weather report and "rumors" always call for 24 by 7 clouds and rain.

While I head back to the hotel, Megan decides to revive her inner city self. She walked around, stopped in some stores (of course) and took in the sights and smells of Portland. She says she could live there, now.


After my third call, we head North towards the Columbia River Gorge.
We stop at Montelomah falls which is the second highest falls in North America. Very pretty. We hike to the top where the views are spectacular.


Then it was on to our B&B. The Carson Ridge B&B. Very neat little cabins set on the side of a forested hill. We were a little skeptical when we pulled in the driveway, but once inside, we were very pleased. Megan still called them glorified mini barns, but they were very modern inside. They had jacuzzi tubs, fireplaces, and king size log beds. We both agreed the bed was one of the most comfortable beds we've ever slept in!


Before dinner on Friday, we also checked out the Bonneville Dam to hopefully see the fish ladders. We went to the Oregon side and since it was after 5 pm, we didn't get to see the fish ladders. But we did see Herman the 10' Sturgeon. We learned that Sturgeon can live for 100 years and grow up to 20' long.

Dinner was in a little neighboring town called Hood River at a newer restaurant named Celilo. Good food and wine, inviting decor, but sub standard service (this seems to be a theme for us right now).

At dinner, Megan challenged me to a game of Scrabble so we headed went back to the "mini barn" to duel it out while we watched the movie Walk the Line. I was winning, Megan said she was tired, so she quit and finished the movie. Very suspicious timing of events - I've NEVER beat her at Scrabble!

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Megan Arrives in Portland

Never Easy

Megan called me about 3 pm Pacific to ask if I had her driver's license. This is a common question I get. Why? Well just about every time we go to a bar or restaurant, Megan doesn't want to take her purse. So as we hop out of the Tahoe, she instinctively hands me her ID. Even if she has pockets, she still hands it to me.

After searching my wallet several times, I knew I didn't have her ID. She then informs me that she is at the airport in Indianapolis, one hour before her flight, but doesn't have her ID. After her ppanice attack and phone call to me, she decides to go to the ticket counter and plead her case.

Megan calls back in 10 minutes to say that the agent says she's headed through security. They're going to let her on the plane!! Crisis averted.

She arrives at 10:45 pm, I pick her up in my Ford Taurus at the Portland airport, and we head downtown to the Conagra paid for hotel room at the Hilton.

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